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About us

Thrivin Builds Pathways to Thriving Careers

The nature of work is rapidly changing in new and profound ways. Demographic drought, emerging technologies, automation, and a post-pandemic “new normal” have all fast-tracked the effect of a widening skills gap. Thrivin is a growing global career pathing, workforce upskilling, and talent supply-building technology company.

Thrivin helps organizations and businesses unite employee growth with business success in order to create work environments that increase productivity and inspire growth and success for all. Thrivin serves Career Seekers, Career Growers, as well as companies and organizations of all sizes in nearly all industries. We develop internal employee upskilling, career pathing plans, and career-ready talent in partnership with employers.

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Our Story

With an estimated two billion unemployed or underemployed people today, most labor market experts are focused on the job seeker from the developed and developing world—training them in generic job skills that fail to harness the individual’s unique abilities or prepare and equip them for the role that employers need filled and the role they actually want. Likewise, in developing countries, people are eager to learn but lack the training, skills, experience, and employment opportunities needed. Meanwhile, with fewer available workers from developed countries to fill these roles, employers’ open positions continue to grow.

Employers are desperate to find skilled and experienced people to join their teams but instead find disjointed skill sets that don’t align with the needed position, even after training. Because of this skills gap, they struggle to grow their business and keep their current workforce in place.

Thrivin was founded by experts who have been implementing labor market and workforce development solutions globally. Who saw this gap between employee and employer and responded by delivering a solution that creates a way to provide both companies and individuals with clear upskilling, career pathing, and talent supply building solutions they lacked.

Our Mission

Empower career seekers, career growers, and employees to thrive in purposeful and fulfilling employment while driving the growth and success of employers, industries, communities, and economies globally.

We are Creating and Facilitating Equal Access to Work for All

Thrivin believes there is a better way for companies and businesses to upskill their current workforce and connect with future talent with the right skills and expertise. In an excellent way that puts the best talent at the heart of every company or business – rooted in developing lasting relationships and mirroring the sophistication with which businesses and organizations market their products, develop their brand, and build communities.

We are rethinking the modern workforce to bring agility and flexibility to the world’s businesses and enterprises, from large to small, and to put employees in the best position in order to achieve anything. Thrivin helps organizations create agility and flexibility around their talent strategy in order to enable them to transform how they understand, attract, manage, retain, and evolve their workforces.

Thrivin Logo - Platform Icon
Thrivin Logo - Platform Icon

Creating Easy Access to Job Opportunities Globally

We strongly believes that through our team and platform, we have an opportunity to create a more inclusive, diverse, and equitable future for all people. Thrivin is the world’s premier talent pipeline company, established to help employers develop, engage, and retain employees while helping career-seekers and career-growers achieve success and industry-specific skills and experience through innovative career pathways.