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Crafting the Future of your Workforce.

As a forward-thinking organization, you understand that the right talent is key to your success. Thrivin is your partner in this journey, offering an innovative platform tailored for companies looking to not just grow, but thrive in an ever-changing business landscape.

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Effective Upskilling

Talent Mapping

Talent Mapping

Retain, Engage and Help Your People Grow

We help you keep your workforce skills on the cutting edge, so they are always ready when you need them.

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Map your talent, find skills gaps & generate career pathways

Our AI technology will match your employee’s skillset to your organization’s needs to help you map your current talent, identify skills gaps and create unique pathways for each employee.

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Build your talent supply to match business demand

Thrivin helps you build ready-to-hire employees with the skills and experience you need to fill your talent gaps and accelerate business performance.

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Networking, Community, Contribution


Recruitment & Placement

Talent Supply Management

Coaching & Mentoring

Assessments & Evaluations

Upskilling, Reskilling, & Pre-skilling

Industry Trends & Market Data

Our Courses

Thrivin has pioneered a series of in-house developed courses designed to equip your employees with the foundational skills essential for thriving in the contemporary work environment. These courses, covering leadership, team engagement, retention, and more, are meticulously crafted to address the core competencies that enable professionals to excel in their roles and contribute meaningfully to their teams and the broader organization.

Thrivin + Coursera

Our partnership with Coursera provides free access to an extensive range of courses, aligned with individual career paths.

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