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Elevate your organization with Thrivin’s cutting-edge leadership training, developed from over 12 years of expertise and successfully implemented in 60 countries. Our programs focus on cultivating the right mindset and ‘power-skills’ through innovative assessment tools, masterclasses and courses that enhance energy and performance.

Thrivin’s training approach is comprehensive, combining on-demand online programs, virtual classrooms, and the option of in-person sessions, all led by seasoned professional facilitators and coaches. This ensures lasting behavioral change and arms your team with critical skills for the evolving workplace.


The StrengthsMultiplier™ integral to Thrivin’s ecosystem, is a revolutionary tool that identifies and enhances the unique strengths of individuals and teams. For individuals, it’s a pathway to amplify personal abilities, directly contributing to career advancement.
For organizations, this tool transforms the varied strengths of their workforce into a united, powerful force, driving collective success and organizational growth. The StrengthsMultiplier™ is the key to unlocking potential at every level.

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This masterclass is essential for managers, leaders, and high-potential employees who aim to boost their emotional intelligence and consistently deliver top performance. It’s a transformative experience, fostering a culture of strong relationships and effective collaboration.

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Culture of Engagement

In today’s evolving work environment, high employee engagement and job satisfaction are more critical than ever. The increasing ‘Quit Rate’ and low job satisfaction levels highlight the need for a new leadership approach. Thrivin’s ‘Coach-Like Leadership: Inspiring Work Joy’ course addresses this by shifting the focus from traditional employee engagement tactics to fostering a culture of ‘Work Joy’ – where fulfillment, meaning, purpose, and belonging are paramount.

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Employee Retention

Many organizations face a retention crisis and in a market where qualified workers are scarce and turnover costs are high, retaining top talent is crucial for organizational success.
Thrivin’s ‘Strengths At Work’ program is your solution to this challenge. By helping employees harness their strengths in the workplace, we ignite their passion, improve job satisfaction, and foster loyalty. This practical, engaging program not only aligns individual roles with your organization’s purpose but also boosts overall employee retention.

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Team Effectiveness

Dysfunctional team dynamics can severely impact organizational outcomes, employee performance, engagement, job satisfaction, and retention. In today’s work environment, where over 80% of an employee’s day involves team interactions, fostering a healthy team culture is essential.

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Change Agility

In a world where change is constant, managing it effectively is crucial for your organization’s performance. Successful organizations view change as an opportunity for growth, not a threat. Our Change Agility program develops this entrepreneurial mindset in leaders and employees, fostering a culture of adaptability and positivity in the face of change.

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