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Our Platform

Thrivin uses cutting-edge technology to empower employers, employees, career seekers and career growers to build thriving businesses and careers.


Connect and Grow People, Skills and Roles, Better!

Thrivin is the world’s premier career pathing, workforce upskilling and talent supply building platform. Using empowered artificial intelligence and machine learning, Thrivin is a one-stop integrated solution that has everything you need to create engaging career pathways – for yourself, or for your employees.

Thrivin helps you in key areas of strategic business growth:

  • Organizational Up-skilling – Growing your employees for current and future roles
  • Internal Career Pathing -creating internally mobile career paths to enhance the employee experience while empowering them to drive business results.
  • External Talent Supply – identification and development of success ready employees to fill in-demand roles. Tailored employees are more engaged and committed to organizational success.


Create a meaningful career path

Know your strengths, skills, and skills gaps.

  • Evaluate your key strengths, and skills
  • Identify your ideal roles and the skills you need to develop
  • Develop the skills, tools, and experience to be Job Ready
  • Accelerate your career
  • Become the right person with the right skills for the roles you want and your employer needs

Career Seekers and Career Growers

Start or grow the career you want with the skills the market is looking for!

  • Assess your current strengths and skills
  • Find roles that match your strengths, skills, and experience
  • Select your ideal role
  • Understand the skills needed for success in your ideal (or next) role
  • The Platform, tools and experience to be role ready
  • Prepare for your next role, and accelerate your career
  • Become the right person with the right skills at the right time